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We are efficient with our resources.

We live in a world with finite resources and we aspire to abide by environmentally conscious building practices. Every materials delivery has been calculated down to the last board so as to provide enough material to get the job done without creating excess debris.

We encourage the use of durable, low maintenance building materials produced in a sustainable manner.

Birdseye Builders is committed to building with sustainably harvested lumber. We use materials designed to improve indoor air quality, such as formaldehyde free insulation and carpeting, low VOC paint and finishes, as well as encouraging the use of radiant heating and solar mass collectors. We strive to use materials manufactured using recycled content.

We minimize jobsite debris, and we sort and recycle building waste.

All construction debris is sorted into various recyclable components which allows us to effectively reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

We are cost efficient and budget oriented.

Regular meetings give you detailed information, allowing you to monitor the progress of your building project. Keeping you aware of projected completion dates is of utmost concern to us. Every contract includes a comprehensive timeline with target dates for various elements of your project. Our excellent relationships with local vendors facilitate prompt delivery of materials and services.

We stand behind our work.

Because we provide an unparalleled level of quality we are pleased to guarantee our craftsmanship. Our intent is to assure your satisfaction.


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